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My name is Tina Harris. I am a Jan Fennell Recommended Dog Listener, practising  in and around Salisbury, Wiltshire. I own two rescue terriers, Bobby and Trigger.

I discovered Jan Fennell Dog Listening when I gave a home to Bobby. He was 3 years old  and arrived with some severe behavioural issues.

Initially I used a local dog trainer. I was shocked at the methods he promoted. They created fear and stress by intimidation, and had limited results. I knew there had to be a better way.

Keen to know more, I decided to attend the Foundation course where I was taught by Jan and her son Tony Knight (the International Dog Listener). I was swept up by their enthusiasm and passion for everything canine, and their genuine desire to help both dogs and people. I wanted to be part of the organisation.

I remembered that after I had seen Jan Fennell on tellevision about 10 years ago, I had bought my sister a copy of “The Dog Listener”. I borrowed it back for a while and was absolutely convinced by what I read. It was simple common sense.

I continued on to the advanced and graduate courses and became qualified in Canine Communication.  Jan Fennell  Dog Listeners International provides professional support from Jan and her team, which ensures that I  continue working within Amichien methods, and keep up to date with any new developments.

I have acheieved Recommended status through consistent  positive feedback from clients and being monitored  by headoffice through the quality assurance scheme.



I started K9Kind to help other owners and their dogs  no matter what the age, breed, or problem. I have always been passionate about dogs and now I have something special to share with other dog lovers. I am still amazed at what Amichien Bonding can help overcome, I continue to see improvements with my two, and I keep learning with every dog I  meet…


I hired a Jan Fennell Dog Listener to help me. The advice was simple, kind, and gadget free. I started to see real results in the first few weeks including increased trust, reduced stress, and a happier, calmer dog.