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As a Jan Fennell Associate Dog Listener I agree to my work being closely monitored to ensure quality and consistency with the Amichien® process. URL: http://www.janfennellthedoglistener.com/pages/information/our-quality-assurance-programme-33

Clients also supply independent feedback directly to Jan and her team on the service they have received from me. I am happy to provide you with references.

One time payment* for consultation (2-5 hrs), Action Plan, ongoing support for life (owners, not dogs) via email and phone:

£195.00 within an hours drive from Salisbury

£250.00 up to 4 hours drive from Salisbury

I come to your home so I can meet you and your dog/s in your day to day environment, and advise how best to implement Amichien® Bonding in your own particular circumstances. The consultation  is always tailored specifically to your needs.

The principles involved will be clearly demonstrated to you, and we will agree an action plan.

Clients often call me about one specific issue or one particular dog, but frequently during initial conversations other areas of concern come to light. I ask clients to prepare a list of problems great and small before I arrive for the consultation. I cover all issues with all dogs in the household so that AB can work it’s magic in all areas of your life and across your pack.

Consultations usually last between 2-5hrs but I will stay with you until you are confident that you know how to proceed once I leave, and I have answered all questions to your satisfaction.

Clients receive a life time back up service provided by phone and email, to give ongoing support whenever it is required.  You may decide to take on another dog, or move house, have children, or new neighbours arrive with dogs or cats. These can all have an effect on our dogs, which is why we offer back up, either by telephone, email or by arranging a further visit*.

Simple, Kind, Effective…